Spain is the Winner of the FIFA World Cup 2010. No words can describe the happiness of Spain after winning the World Cup for the first time. Andres Iniesta is the man of the game when he pulled out a hat trick goal in the 116th minute mark to gain the first ever goal for Spain to win the game for Netherlands. The joy is now flowing in the Soccer City stadium.

For the failing Netherlands who is just a 10 man team because of the 10 yellow cards was given to them. Until now Sneijder can’t believe the results in the results of the game for them. With Arjen Robben’s scary attempt to Spain’s goal is not enough to pull a win.

Congratulations to Spain for winning the 2010 World Cup against Netherlands. A history is made and a dream just come true.

So Paul the Octopus is right again? Common!!!
(haha, mkin la org percaya bnda khurafat ni...hehe...Paul2...Mani (Parakeet) tu yg bOleh masak=)...hehe=)...

Want tO quote sOme of my wOrds when peOple 'start hit n pulling on me'....hehe, bila mana int menyOkong spain=)...xpe, kewl n relax suda=)...

"Ayt yg same;

nk menari rumba ke flamencO?=)....
yeeha....well, see what=)....

minta maaf penyOkong Belanda=)...

Int dh buktikan DIAM itu lbih baek=)...
lidah n kate2 anda yg x pasti tu memg x membuahkan kebenaran=)

BELANDA kena 'blender' ngn SPAIN !
aym BELANDA & durian BELANDA menjadi santapan hebat SPAIN!...gOreng2!..

Viva la Espana!...Adios, hasta luego~ jumpa 4 thun lgi!....haha...

Senyuman manis d berikan sekali lagi=)"

jesusito de mi vida

Iniesta - Spain must improve

Iniesta=) *anda buah ati kami ketika ini*

Petikan kata2 Iniesta;

"We will play better because we will probably have to if we are going to win the World Cup," said the 26-year-old.

"What we did in the semi-final certainly won't help us to win the final. But I have confidence in my team-mates and I think this group is able to take the final step."

nOta mata palsu: cantik sungguh mata Jesus Navas...sungguh terpikat dengan matanya=)

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