Sori sgt bgi rkn2 yg terkena 'virus YM' tu..xceli, int dpt but int x click pun....xtau la klO secara xsengaja ter ' click'....cOZ~memg dh tau 2 virus...xkn 'gatai' nk click kan...Rasa nye, mase tu , int ngn sis int tgk gmbr kt lappy...dlm dOk scrOll, tetibe jadi cmtu..wuah...xbengang naaa~

~ive try all sOlutioN dat my frens suggest but it wOrse!!!..tOtally wOrse~...it juz ok fOr a few hOurs, den seem 2 b happen again~...im gOnna b crazy if YM sntiasa mcm ni~...sO, ive decided 2 sOlve dis prOb wit my Own sOlution~....thnx tO inche gOogle (engine pencarian dat i mOst like...i loikkeee~)...key, pencarian bermula whereby i waste my time 2 get da mOst apprOpriate ans....~ya, a 'little bit of time'...argh~....grrr~..hehe~...

k, a simple sOlution but it wOrk..really works...nOt wOrse~...wOrk but nOt wOrse~..ekkeke~...i like dis wOrd~...

u all can follow dis step:

Close out of your Internet browser and disconnect your Internet cable from your computer. This is to make sure that the virus is not spread while connected online.

Go to the "Start" option on your computer and then click on the "C drive" option. Click on the "Program Files" option and then click on the "Yahoo! Messenger" option.

Click on the "Uninstall" icon and go through the process of uninstalling Yahoo! Messenger from your computer. After the uninstall process is complete make sure to delete any Yahoo! Messenger icons and shortcuts from your computer.

Download the free trial of Norton AntiVirus 2010.... Save the software to your desktop and then install it once the download is complete.

Open the Norton AntiVirus 2010 software and click on the "Scan" button. The virus will be found and then can choose to remove it and any other viruses that are found on your compute.

Restart your computer and then connect back to the Internet. Go to the Yahoo! Messenger website to download the application again. When you sign in with your Yahoo! account your information and friend list will remain the same, but the virus will be gone.


~ok...setel prOb YM...but i gOt a new prOb~>..wua....bole gile ini macam....oOo, 4got 2 tell~....b4 da 1st step, im running da 0 step ...hehe....ive decided tO 'Turn Off' my System Restore...but, u knO wt happen???....hua~...after all thOse ting i tried, System Restore cOuld nOt b open n im trying 2 open it using manual run~...but nOthing happen...it gOne!....

ok....n fOr nOw, i terpaksa cri anOthr way 2 sOlve it...n i fOund dis~

Re-enable v2 Portable 2.0
~whereby fungsi2 nya adlh utk adakan semula bnda yg hilang,...cthnya Task Manager, System Restore, Folder Options, Regedit n so on2 la~

*****after dOing all dis ting, my prOb, tOtally resOlve....hOpfully, xterjadi lagi la~amin...kawan2 yg terkena, huhu..try dis....insyaAllah, bOle punya.,.,,,********

p/s: xceli, dia nk prOmote norton la tu~>..eceh~...btw, i like nOrton 2010 ni la...cm best je...detect dia vry fast...wOOOoo~

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